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November 2019


Anamorfake It Until You Make It!

November 13, 2019

I’ve seen the effects of my research while watching anamorphic adapters on eBay. Prices have been consistently going up since 2014 and good adapters are increasingly harder to find. This made me sad because the whole point of the Anamorphic on a Budget project was to achieve the anamorphic look without breaking the bank. Then adapters became expensive and the look was locked away from those without as many resources.


So I spun the process on its head and started looking at the final image. I wanted to reverse engineer the look as if I never knew anamorphics existed. What other tools had I at my reach that could put me on the right track? Over the last two years I combined various techniques to craft a look that no one could tell if the footage is anamorphic or not. As I went down this path I also came to the conclusion that most anamorphic adapters are overrated (in price and performance).

Then I compiled all the data into a guide that is close to two hundred pages long – almost half of them with detailed tutorials for modding lenses and the other half with post-production techniques, mods that don’t require opening lenses and related products such as streak filters and plugins.

To prove the point that it’s nearly impossible to tell anamorphic apart from anamorfake I made a little quiz using my own footage and shots from a few friends. I figured it would be a fun way to bring attention to the fact that not even seasoned shooters can get them right.

Can you tell anamorfake shots apart from real anamorphic ones?

I’m betting you can’t. I’m so confident in my prediction that I’m giving a 15% discount code for the “Anamorfake It Until You Make It” guide in the off chance you get all ten images right! Click the “NEXT” button below to start.