Upcoming, 2017.

January 15, 2017

What should you expect from this channel in 2017? Time to answer those questions and open up for input! Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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Heya, Tito Ferradans here for a lighter video this week. Doing this holiday season push was intense and I needed a little break to organize what’s coming this year. Then I thought of sharing my plans with you, and here we are. First of all, I’d like to thank my buddies on Patreon that are giving me a great help. Our discussions already shaped many of the things here, so, if you wanna be a part, join us!

Ok, so here’s the round-up: in the early months of this year I’ll have reviews up for the Sankor 16D, Kowa 8Z, Vistascope 8mm, and the AnamorphX GP. I’ll squeeze the Isco Ultra Star here too. I’ve been chatting with Eddie at Vid-Atlantic and I’ll try all flavors of Cinemorph filters – which are another alternative for anamorfaking, easier than lens modding. I’m still pending the shortfilm part of the Single Focus Shootout, so we’ll have that coming up too. It’ll be a thrilling ride, more elaborate than the previous shootout.

Then, since I got a Kowa 8Z, I can compare it to the 16H and B&H to try to clarify what are the differences between these models that are always switching places at the top of the rankings. On the collaboration side, I’m chatting with Mikalai Verbel, who’s working on the Verbascope and that leads to an episode of intense modifications to adapt the massive LOMO NAP – a number one hit when it comes to low-budget anamorphic. I’m also collaborating with the endless pool of information that is James Price and working out an episode about mounting rails on scopes; enough with the train of lenses (as coined by Alan at Vintage Lenses For Video).

As long-term goals, I have my sights on the Rectilux CoreDNA that everyone keeps talking about. I’m also trying to get my hands on SLR Magic’s Anamorphic Primes. And, of course, a proper video to talk about the recently announced Panasonic GH5.

Besides the videos, this is a great year to update the blog, to make the Anamorphic on a Budget page cleaner and more organized overall. I’m also revising the original guide for better English and updating some concepts. It’s my way to get a grasp of what needs to be covered in the upcoming Cookbook. The calculator still has updates I want to implement – mainly to help you see changes in setup through the lens – and there’s the magical dream of being able to recreate very specific lens distortions in post through a (dream with me) custom built After Effects plugin.

If you try to count everything I named, you’ll notice that’s a ton of episodes. I wanna clear enough technical ground and start going for the philosophical stuff after the first half of the year, like “Why shooting anamorphic?” and “Why does bokeh become oval?”, “How do diopters work?”, “Cinemascope storytelling” and so forth. What do you think? Am I missing something very important? Leave a comment below, let’s chat! If you like these plans, be sure to subscribe here and support on Patreon. I’m Tito Ferradans, and I’m exhausted even before we begin. See you next week!