Anamorphic Chop Shop – HTN Lock Ring for Kowa 16-H

February 4, 2018

HTN’s Lock Ring is a great alternative for front clamps plus it’s an amazing tool if you use a Rectilux HCDNA!


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Back in July I received a front locking ring for the Kowa 16H, made by Huu-Tuan Nguyen. Unlike a regular clamp, the ring is designed to fit over the Kowa’s original front ring, adding a series of benefits. I think the ring looks great. It fits with the style of the Kowa 16-H with all the silver extrusions, sells for a great price and solves a bunch of pesky issues.

The Kowa’s front ring is super easy to remove, locked in place by three tiny screws. Take them out and unscrew the ring. Now put Huu-Tuan’s ring in place and lock it with these three screws.

The universal advantage of this ring is front 72mm threads for diopters and other filters – or a 72mm Rangefinder. This one is useful for everyone that uses Kowa lenses, since they don’t have front threads at all.

The other bonuses are geared towards Rectilux HCDNA users. The HCDNA is held in place by six pointy screws. After putting it on and taking it off a couple of times, your Kowa’s front ring will show several bites into the metal. Not really pretty, especially if we can solve it. By replacing the Kowa’s original ring we add 75mm male threads that fit the HCDNA’s inner threads! Then we proceed to lock the HCDNA with one single screw, provided with the ring.

Another common issue working with the HCDNA is that focus occasionally slips from infinity on the anamorphic lens as you rotate the HCDNA’s focus ring. This affects your image drastically and my previous solution was using electrical tape to hold the anamorphic in place. Again, not pretty, especially if it can be solved. The solution with this ring is to focus your Kowa to infinity and tighten the front ring. This will prevent your focus ring from turning!

In terms of pricing, the rings cost $40 and the locking screw costs $5. You can contact Huu-Tuan on facebook and find out how to place your orders. Link in the video description. You can also find some other products there, like clamps. As of now, he offers solutions for the top tier Kowas and the Kowa 16-D. According to Huu-Tuan the ring works for all the 16-H’s sister lenses (Kowa B&H, 8Z and Elmoscope II), but the focus-locking feature may not work as intended. Check with him before purchasing in order to confirm it fits your needs.

My favorite part about these small scale anamorphic upgrades, designed by people in our community is that they don’t set out to fix all the problems at once. If you shoot anamorphic long enough, you’ll know it’s not possible to have all the good parts, We all compromise with some caveats. Huu-Tuan’s rings aim to solve a specific problem without creating additional issues. What else can we ask for?

The anamorphic world has always had a strong community and DIY aspects. The problem is most of the times folks keep their solutions to themselves and no one else can benefit from that. It makes me very happy to see these little solutions coming up because it means people are still determined to solve the issues they face with their scopes, but now they’re open to sharing them with all of us. Honestly, that has always been at the core of this channel and I hope we all keep walking towards a more collaborative community.

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