Anamorphic Chop Shop – Anamorfake Tair 11A 135mm f/2.8

January 28, 2018

This episode wraps the long end of the Russian Amber mods, with the bokehlicious Tair 11A 135mm f/2.8 on a super simple and effective mod.


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I had this mod planned for almost a year and it was just now that I got around to doing it. Trust me, if I knew it was this easy I would’ve done it a long time ago. The goal here is to wrap the telephoto end of our Amber mods. The choice is the Tair 11A, a gorgeous 135mm f/2.8 with 20 aperture blades and smooth (preset) aperture ring. I went much lighter with the modding on this one because not much was needed to drastically affect the footage.

I’ll start by saying I love long lenses. My favorite focal lengths are all up of 85mm and the Tair 11A has a special place because of its sharp results even wide open and for being an awesome Soviet lens – which brings a ton of character into the picture.

For this mod we’re gonna need the following: Tair 11A, oval aperture discs, orange sharpie, fishing line, double sided tape, sandpaper,rotating M42 adapter and 3d-printed focus gears. You can get the files for both the focus gears and aperture discs in the video description.

Notice we don’t need a lens wrench for this mod!

The first step is to sand down your aperture disc. After it’s thinned down, paint it with your favorite color. I’m going with orange. Then, add the fishing line, double sided tape on each end and paint that if you want to tint your flares as well. If you don’t want any sort of tint, just paint it black!

The next step is to pull up the lens’ hood and get a good grip on the body underneath it. Now unscrew it out. This will give you access to the aperture mechanism. Yes, it was that easy.

Drop in the aperture disc and close the lens back up.

With your 3d-printed focus gear at hand, sand the inside part until it fits just right around the focus ring of the Tair.

The last step is to add the M42 to EF adapter and adjust it so the oval is facing the right direction!

There you go, a quick and simple mod that works really well with this longer lens. If the tint is getting too strong, you can always close the iris to tone it down.

Does this mod sound friendlier than the ones before it? Let me know in the comments below! The main reason I enjoy doing these is I get to understand the inner workings of the lenses and feel more comfortable doing my experiments! I have more mods coming up, so subscribe to the channel to be notified when they are here! I’m Tito Ferradans and I’ll see you next week!