Anamorphic Chop Shop – ReAlign Tool

December 24, 2017

Here’s my parting gift to 2017: an After Effects preset all rigged up to quickly fix or lessen lens misalignment. Just plug and play!


Place the Preset in the right folder!

WINDOWS: C:/Program Files/Adobe/After Effects /Support Files/Plug-ins or /Presets
OSX: Applications/Adobe After Effects /Plugins or /Presets

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Tito Ferradans back for a last minute present. Also, what kind of wannabe web-celeb would I be if I didn’t lie, saying the last post was the actual last? In the description of this video you can download the After Effects preset for the ReAlignment Tool. It’s nothing fancier than a corner pin effect with a few expressions and a slider control tied together to make your workflow easier.

Install it by dropping it in the correct folder _ say folder _

The process for using it is: bring the footage into After Effects, stretch it out on a composition and drag the Post-Alignment Tool from the Effects tab onto your footage layer. In the effect controls, drag the slider to the right or left. This will skew your image proportionally in either direction until you find it’s looking aligned.

This won’t work with intense misalignment and you will lose some resolution in the process. For me, the best scenario is using this tool with 2x stretch footage that I’m cropping to 2.4:1. Since I’m cropping the sides, the edges revealed by the corner pin never become a problem.

Alright, that was it, your Christmas present from me. Enjoy, have fun, I don’t know, just fix your damn footage. Like the video to counter the haters and subscribe to the channel because we’re back in the first weekend of January with the SLR Magic Compact Anamorphot review. Happy holidays! Tito Ferradans out.