Panasonic LA7200 Anamorphic Wedge Fit

April 18, 2018

Here’s a quick trick on how to mount filters on the Panasonic LA7200 without the need for any extra gear. Plus, a super rare diopter that makes this adapter much better overall!


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Hey, I’m Tito Ferradans and in this episode I’m gonna teach you a neat trick that turns the Panasonic LA7200 into a much better anamorphic adapter.

Back in the days when these LA7200’s were cheaper (like $500-750), they were very popular adapters. The only issue folks constantly struggled with was close focus and that had a few sources. First, the gigantic front element required a huge diopter. Second, how would you even mount any diopters on a lens that is square and has no threads?

Enter the Kenko 105mm +0.3 diopter. This beast here is big enough to cover the front element of the LA7200, it sets infinity at 3m and works amazingly well with the Panny’s limitations, which has fixed focus at 3-4m. The cherry on top is that the Kenko also fits in the front of the Panny safely by itself!

When this info was made public the Kenko – which was already rare; come on, why would a 105mm +0.3 diopter ever be popular? – vanished from the world. This one here is the first one I come across in four years since I sold my previous one. They used to sell for $300-350 back then, but there’s not enough of them around these days to trace a trend! Have you ever seen one? Do you own one?

Anyway, this hint applies to any 105mm filters, so you can wedge fit anything of that size in front of your LA7200! Or you can follow my instructions and make a front filter holder to screw in 95mm filters. The caveat is 95mm isn’t wide enough to cover all of the front element! So, there’s always a challenge.

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