This is SCOPE – 30mm T/2 2x Anamorphic Lens

April 1, 2018

I made a lens! SCOPE is what I’ve been working on for the longest time.


  • 30mm Lens for S35 sensors
  • T/2.0
  • 2x Anamorphic squeeze
  • 1.2m / 3’11” Minimum focus distance
  • Geared focus and iris rings
  • Single focus operation
  • Filter Tray for 114mm / 4.5″ filters
  • Swappable EF and PL mount

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Tito Ferradans here with something that might sound out of the blue. I got tired of watching prices rise and few new anamorphics being added to the market – none of them aimed at the budget market – so I took matters into my own hands and, with an excellent team around me, I created SCOPE.

SCOPE is what I’ve been working on every time I mentioned my LOMO set. A small batch of super-wide, affordable anamorphic lenses. These are 30mm T/2, 2x stretch babies. If you MUST know, the first batch of SCOPE sells for $4000 with delivery scheduled for January 2019. Here’s how the footage looks like.

After experimenting with all sorts of adapters I had a solid idea of what worked and what didn’t. SCOPE’s single focus operation is the same as old LOMOs. To achieve such wide angle the front element is huge – by far the most challenging part of the design. SCOPE features a slot for 114mm (4.5″) filters, minimum focus at 1.2m (4ft), focus and iris gears and swappable EF/PL mount.

The website for pre-orders will be up soon, so make a pledge on my Patreon page to be notified right away. The link is right here on the screen and in the description! I don’t have much else to say. Shoot me questions in the comments below and subscribe to the channel for updates! How pumped are you for an actually affordable anamorphic lens? Tito Ferradans, out.