Letus Anamorph-X 1.33x

September 2, 2018

After an adventure in customs, I got the Letus Anamorph-X 1.33x to play. This one is a great draft for the PRO version released a while after.


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Tito Ferradans here with a special adapter. This is the first version of the Letus AnamorphX 1.33x adapter. It feels kind of bulky but image quality is pretty decent. It’s like someone shoved some mechanics in an LA7200, making it capable of focusing. It’s easy to mount and align, so that makes up for the extra size. It’s a true double-focus experience, with very small tolerance for setting focus and racking with just the taking lens, like the SLR Magic. I liked playing with it, and getting it to Canada was a real adventure.

This is a big adapter, and even though it weighs 900g, it doesn’t feel heavy when operating. Focus comes down to 0.5m but ranges from -10 to +10, with no corresponding distances, which is challenging on this dual focus setup. You can use your hands, or this focus lever or a follow focus unit to easily change focus across the 200 degree throw. Another challenge is focus direction is reversed when compared to normal. This lens focuses like a Nikon lens, with infinity on the left. Still on the note of focusing, this adapter doesn’t change size while focusing. The rear element moves back and forth by itself, which favors vignetting when focused close.

Clearly designed for lenses that don’t extend while focusing or zoom, I had to keep the A7s’ plate loose on the rails so it would move back and forth according to my focusing on the taking lens (the Contax Zeiss change size when focusing).

It attaches to the taking lens through a clamp on the back. The clamp has 114mm (4.5″) diameter, which matches the CP.2’s and many other cinema lenses outer diameter, making it clear that this product is designed for higher end users. Fortunately it also comes with special step rings that attach to 77mm and 82mm filter threads and fit neatly inside the clamp.

The AnamorphX has a 1/4″ hole at the bottom which makes it super easy to align and connect to rails. This is how I shot all of my tests. It’s mandatory to have a good rail support though. My SmallRig part was very loose even when I was bleeding at the screws and I had to upgrade to a Zacuto lens support in order to feel safe.

When it comes to pricing, this is a hard one. I’ve only seen one of these for sale on eBay – ever! Letus used to sell them for about US$2000, but since they started making the 1.33x PRO, this one has disappeared forever.

Image quality is pretty good, even wide open at all focal lengths (one of the many advantages of being able to adjust focus).

Due to the massive size, I was expecting this to go wider than the Panny LA7200, but it started showing vignette at 28mm. It was disappointing.

Flares are warm, but not super noticeable. On this first adapter Letus would offer three different types of coatings for flares and this one was the “normal” level. They also had “High” and “Low”.

Overall I would say this is a draft for a great adapter, but it’s not quite there yet. Choosing between this and the LA7200 is a hard one. The main reason I wanted to make this review is because there’s so little out there about the AnamorphX or Letus’ adapters in general. While this one is a draft, the PRO version is a truly great lens.

Thank you Akos Photo from Sweden for insisting so long that I tested out this lens, sponsoring this episode and facilitating communications with Letus. This is only the first video in the Letus series! After I posted a photo of my tests with this setup they reached out and shipped me their current 1.33x PRO and the 1.8x, which you’ll see here soon. This is like a warm up, because the 1.33x PRO is pretty impressive.

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