Letus Anamorph-X PRO 1.33x Adapter

September 9, 2018

This is the upgraded version of the Letus Anamorph-X 1.33x. It’s one of the most impressive adapters I’ve used in a long time. Image quality is excellent, coverage is beyond anything else. It could benefit from stronger flares!


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Tito here with an upgrade from the previous Letus episode. This one started after I chatted with G.T. at Letus and she kindly sent me test units for both this adapter and their 1.8x adapter. Also massive thanks to Akos Photo for encouraging me to reach out. No thanks to the Canadian Customs Agency, though, since they taxed me even though the package is going back home after a little bit.

I said the previous Letus lens had a great promise but didn’t quite deliver. This one is a whole different story. This is the adapter I used to shoot This Is SCOPE, and I got a lot of people believing I had actually made a super-wide anamorphic. It’s much smaller than the previous version, while improving on image quality and addressing the issue of uneven stretch across the frame (aka mumps). You can go a lot wider and the only turnoff for me is it’s still double focus. If you’re quick, you can still get by with most shots even double focusing (I had two follow focuses on my rig).

This adapter was a big surprise. I was expecting slightly better mechanics and size than the previous version, but there was a major overhaul in every aspect of it – optics included. Focus still doesn’t show distances, ranging from -8 to +8 and the rotation of the ring is still reversed – these are the aspects that could be improved. Focus ring has gears and a lever (which can be removed) and it’s still a true double focus setup, with little tolerance for racking with just your taking lens.

The mounting clamp is 114mm wide, like many cinema lenses front diameter, plus it also comes with adapter rings for 77 and 82mm. The base has a screw for 1/4″ screws so you can mount it on rails. The square shape makes it smaller and saves a ton of weight on the body, plus it makes it easier to align if you’re not using rails.

This one I’ve never seen on eBay and you can only get it on Letus’ website or B&H, for $2700. They come with a gigantic mattebox, which I didn’t use at all while testing and I don’t know if I’d ever use it.

Image quality is superior to its predecessor and while the glass from the previous one was a straight copy from the LA7200, this one has been entirely redesigned in-house to improve IQ and performance.

Flares are subdued for my taste, making it super challenging to get strong streaks on the frame – they are also blueish sci-fi. On the phone with Letus they said that if you really insist, they can make different levels of coating. I would get a high flare.

Vignetting is where this adapter kills everything else out there. SCOPE was shot with a 24mm Rokinon, but I tested the Contax Zeiss 21mm and almost cleared full frame with it. I believe this is thanks to the massive rear element and it would be fine with a compact 21mm lens. With that, the previous undefeated winner for more than 10 years, Panasonic LA7200, has lost its throne of widest anamorphic in the adapter game.

I’ve been iffy about adapters lately and this one has restored my faith. I’m thinking about buying one for myself because of what it allows me to do while imposing very little compromise (rare thing among adapters) and delivering great image quality. I think this is one of the hidden gems of anamorphic and it blows my mind so few people talk about it when they’re still being made and are – now – cheaper than an Iscorama.

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