Anamorfaking Contax Zeiss 28mm f/2.8

August 26, 2018

It’s time we start exploring sharper lenses for anamorfaking. The Contax Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 is a perfect wide angle to start this journey!


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Tito Ferradans here for a quick tutorial on high quality anamorfaking! Time to start the Contax Zeiss anamorfaking process with this beautiful 28mm f/2.8.

The 28/2.8 is a classic lens in the Contax lineup, preferred by many over the 28/2 “Hollywood” due to it’s small size, cheaper price and stellar performance. Sharp all the way to f/2.8, this is a much better wide angle than my previous wide anamorfake, the Pentacon 29 and Mir 10A. Close focus is at 0.25m – just under a foot – and this is what gives this anamorfake an edge over actual anamorphics: it’s really hard to do extreme close up wide angles.

For this mod we’re gonna need the lens – duh -, lens wrench, the Mir 1B oval iris – link in the description – , sandpaper, black sharpie, scissors and electrical tape.

On the back of the lens, note which side faces up – I’m using a Leitax mount, so I know the lock pin is always on the left, which means this is the top. I’ll use a piece of electrical tape to mark what’s up and that will help me orient the oval later in the process. Unscrew the outer locking ring and that will bring out the rear optical groups, giving you direct access to the aperture mechanism. Bingo. Set it aside.

Sand down your oval disc then paint it black. When you put it over the inner glass element that goes right against the aperture, the disc is much bigger. Cut it to the best fit, go in slow steps and don’t worry too much about keeping it a perfect circle. Mine are always ugly. Now that you got it with the right size, orient the oval according to the mark we placed before disassembling this part. Use electrical tape to secure it in place.

The last bit is to put the lens back together. The aperture mechanism works fine, and you can reverse the mod any time. If you do so, please take care to remove all the tape residue from the inner elements. If you want to make this lens even better, check out my guide to mod them at Cinema5D and SIMMOD Lens’ website – link in the description. If you’re my Patreon supporter you have access to the 3d-printable focus gear I made for mine, and if you really want to buy one of these gears, send me a message!

Coming along the rest of the month I’ll anamorfake the 35, 50 and 135 lenses in the Contax budget lineup along with some Rokinon glass. Are you for or against anamorfaking? This is part of the process I used to create the look for SCOPE, so it definitely works. Like the video to help me grow the channel and make sure to subscribe to get more updates. I’m doing a hard push this month and you can come back here tomorrow at this same time for another episode! Also, make a pledge at my Patreon if you need anamorphic to live, these free videos won’t last forever. Tito Ferradans out.