August 5, 2018

I’ve been away for quite a while. It’s time to put things back on track and I’d love to hear from you. :)

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Ahoy ladies and gentlemen. Tito Ferradans back here after a good chunk of time away. If you only want lens reviews and solid data, skip this video, but if you care a little bit about the one who speaks to you, maybe keep watching. I’m gonna talk about other things.

This is the longest I’ve gone without posting a video. I had some existential issues about the channel – it struck me I was putting way too much energy here and not getting enough back – and by that I mean financially. It’s hard to stay motivated when you can take easier jobs that pay a lot more. So I wanted to change my approach in a way I wouldn’t feel I was cheating myself every time I published my hard work for free. I don’t think many of you love working for free. Do you?

That added up to getting harsher negative feedback on some videos, plus folks being upset at the Scope video. On top of all these challenges, there’s managing the facebook group, which is an unyielding task in terms of accepting new members. I get personal messages of people asking me why I didn’t let them in. Guys, I see the queue every day. Please don’t send me messages, I can’t do much about it! :(

Yeah, I know I should ignore all of this but it doesn’t really work that way. I don’t “have” a brand, I AM a brand and my whacked mind interprets all negative feedback to my work as negative feedback to my person. That is a bummer. Overall I felt like nothing was going right and I was throwing my time down the drain.

So I retreated to the real world and focused on other things for a bit. It’s summer, so I biked a lot, walked a lot, enjoyed plenty of time with Ari, traveled, and so on. Along all those things, I kept thinking what I could do to make Anamorphic on a Budget better and inspiring to myself again.

Honestly, I haven’t found an answer, but one day I woke up and I was back into it. That was last week, when I did the instagram thing answering questions. That was a rehearsal towards live broadcast here, aimed at your interest rather than whatever I want to focus on pre-made videos.

I’ve been developing things in the background, like my sponsorship by Simmodlens and a few other things that aren’t quite ready yet, so there are surprises to come. I’m also running short on lenses to review (there isn’t THAT MUCH of a difference between various 2x double focus projection lenses). So now, more than ever, I’m open to your suggestions of what would be interesting to do/show here. I feel this video is just the first part of the reasoning for my absence, but I’d rather make it public now than to stay quiet for longer. Tell me what you think.

Before I sign off, I wanted to bring up some more stuff about Scope. Sure, it was a prank, and people got upset, but did you know that Zess Ikon did almost the same thing in 1966 with the Super-Q Gigantar 40mm f/0.33? But instead of a Youtube video (the internet wasn’t such a big deal back then), they brought their “prototype” to Photokina in order to draw attention to the aperture speed craze going around lens manufacturers (more details in article below). Does anyone complain about Zeiss reliability or quality even though they “made a fake lens”? Hmmm.

The second thing about Scope is, even though some people were upset, others saw that as a chance to learn. Paul and I were invited to write a tutorial covering the process of making that scene photo-realistic. The tutorial was published last month in the 3D Artist magazine in the UK.

Ok, that’s it for today. More in a little bit, with a crazy-technical video. Recap: I’m back. Like this video, leave comment with suggestions of what to talk about here. Subscribe to the channel. I’m Tito Ferradans and I’ll see you again next week.