Anamorphic Chop Shop – Panasonic LA7200 Filter Holder

October 16, 2016

How to make a piece to safely attach diopters and other filters to the front of your Panasonic LA7200. This one has 95mm threads


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Hi there, people! Tito Ferradans here for another Anamorphic Chop Shop! For this episode I teamed up with a great friend of mine, Fernão Morato, for some designing.

As you might remember from the Panasonic LA7200 review, I once made an extra piece that fitted perfectly around the lens front, creating 105mm threads for diopters and such. It was a great add-on, but I had to glue it to the front of the lens and it created some vignetting since the filter threads were too tall regarding the glass.

When I sold my old Panasonic, I threw this piece along in the deal. Now I’m making a new version of it, fixing what the first one had wrong and, instead of selling it, it’s here for free so anyone can make it.

UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2016: I started selling these filter holders on a small scale on eBay, so if you’re looking to get one, check out the listing!

I sat down with Fernão and we worked on the design to fit snuggly inside the adapter. Instead of going with 105mm filters we went with 95mm because that’s easier to step down (105mm filters are very rare). I tried 3d printing the filter threads and that was hopeless (the level of detail is too small for the printer to handle) so I decided to simplify. The solution was laser cut it out of 6mm-thick acrylic, with a hole in the middle so I could slot in a 95mm filter ring without the glass and glue it in place.

The mold is a little bit loose so you can easily slot it in or out. Mine was transparent, so I painted it black, glued the UV filter ring inside and added felt with double sided tape to the edges so it holds safely, but isn’t impossible to take out. The attachment introduces a little bit of vignetting on the wider end (between 28 and 32mm), as you can see in these shots, but that can either be easily cropped out if needed.


That wraps our weekly episode. Be sure to subscribe for the upcoming episodes and let me know in the comments if you’re getting one done – or if you want to buy one from me! I know getting small volume laser cut can be challenging. Lastly, for additional articles and videos, check the blog. I’m Tito Ferradans, and I’ll see you next week.