Anamorphic Day-to-Day

A Cry For Help!

January 1, 2017


Hey friends! I’m here today for a different subject. The subject of “I want to keep making these videos”, but I need your help.

I started this channel in July of 2015, with the goal of bringing more information to the subject of anamorphic lenses and adapters. The anamorphic look is attractive, but there are plenty of strange practices and myths when shooting with scopes. If you’re new to the channel, I recommend going back through the archives: we’re talking about over 70 videos; one every week, with a wide variety among tutorials and reviews plus free custom parts for download.

In the beginning I said “I won’t spend any money on this”, and “I’ll be using what I already have”. I was wrong. I constantly invested in upgrades to make better videos. The amount I spent last year just to keep it running was almost $800 – for improved sound, webhosting, software and occasional gear rentals. I haven’t gotten any of it back because all the content is available for free – and that’s how I plan to keep it. I can’t sustain these expenses, though and this is when Patreon comes in. Patreon is a platform where you can donate to content creators on a monthly basis.

Here’s a detailed list of my expenses for 2016:

Rode Videomic Pro $160
Aputure Lav Mic $50
Dropbox Storage $85/year
Domain + Hosting $30/year
Adobe Creative Cloud $25/month (x12)
Contax Zeiss Rent** $65
Panasonic LA7200 Rent*** $45 (x3)
Rapido Clamp $30
SLR Magic Customs* $45
TOTAL $900

* – When I got their package for the Anamorphots and Rangefinder reviews I had to pay customs on it.
** – I rented those for the Rectilux review, before buying my own set.
*** – I rented the Panasonic three times: for its own review, for the +0.25 diopter test, and for the 1.33x shootout. Then I bought one.

Here’s some data: the average video takes me between eight to twelve hours to complete. That is researching, writing, shooting everything (myself speaking, lensporn or tutorial steps, charts and world test), editing and wrapping. All of that competes with school and work. I put four videos up every month and the money I get from YouTube is enough to pay me a salary of $0.60/hour. I’m sure you wouldn’t take a job with that description.

The goal is to increase the amount of material I put out and the overall quality of the videos and articles. By that I mean not only video, but also written posts and tools (like the quick guide on how to buy your first anamorphic lens and the Anamorphic Calculator. I started to develop the Anamorphic Cookbook months ago and that has barely moved because I can’t afford to spend time on it!

The reward system in Patreon is super cool as I can detail what’s the next step/upgrade to the project and I can have your input on what subject interests you the most. You should really check out the page to see how much I’m putting into it. In the past year I got plenty of messages and comments from you saying how much you appreciate the videos and that you’d like to offer some support. Here’s your chance!

The Patreon money will go entirely towards this project. You can give as little as $1/month and sponsor the Anamorphic on a Budget series. If that’s not your thing, you can still help by subscribing, liking and sharing the videos. Keep this in mind while watching 2017’s first episode! I’m Tito Ferradans, and I’ll see you next week.