August 10/2015

Heh, let’s try a less formal take on that. As you might’ve guessed, my name is Tito Ferradans, and this is some sort of blog. Most of the content is in portuguese since I come from Brazil and that’s the language I choose when talking about more mundane or personal stuff. Haven’t switched to english yet. Might happen eventually. The english posts are very likely either about lenses – an obsession of mine, I love photography and cinematography, having worked on the field for a little over four years and still like to develop personal projects – or VFX, compositing or something related, that I couldn’t find anywhere else and decided to share in case someone around the globe is trying to do the same thing, or going through the same trouble.

This last year (2014-15) was by far the hardest one I’ve survived so far – and just barely! – but life is moving in a different pace now and I’m seeing things much more clearly, including what are my priorities. Anyway, let’s not go too far from the subject. I’m a film school graduate with a diploma in visual effects and 3d animation. I’m very passionate about both things (movies and visual effects), to the point where sometimes work for me feels like a hobby. Oh, yeah and I also taught myself After Effects for motion graphics while going through film school, because I needed something to pass the time while I wasn’t in class, but that wasn’t enough to fill my craving for post-production knowledge, which drove me to Vancouver Film School, in Canada, where I got my diploma, with honors.

I miss working on movie sets and plan to get back to them eventually during my career. The team spirit is something I love about this kind of work. Being part of a group of people challenged to achieve a particular goal is something that drives me, I love collaborating with others and maximizing our potential.

For the fun part, I can do some tricks with the swing poi (and fire!) and I can’t go a day without a proper bike ride – many times I combine both, the bike AND juggling, simultaneously.

14 de Novembro/2014

This is me, a little bit tired from classes and the cold winter. Ok, jokes aside, let’s get to what matters here. I’m not a big fan of writing about myself, but for the sake of the project I think I should at least try something.

My interest in visual effects took off back in 2006, when I was sixteen, lived in Salvador – Brazil, and had very little idea of how much effort was required to make good looking stuff. In 2010 I entered University of São Paulo, attending a course that could be translated as Film Production, but over four years it was much wider than just production, with lots and lots of film history, theory and, yes, some production. Over these four years I specialized in cinematography and editing while my VFX hunger grew inside of me. Unfortunately we had zero classes and almost no encouragement from the university to go deeper into this area. Brazilian cinema is strongly related to performance, so there isn’t that much space for visual effects artists. They exist, but we don’t have huge studios and things work in a different way than here in Canada.

While attending to film school I decided to use my free time to play around with After Effects and ended up getting a fair amount of work related to motion graphics and animation, while very little (mainly personal tests) involving VFX. I also worked a lot as cinematographer, director of photography and editor in student short films, independent projects (some of these even won prizes) and corporate videos as well.

After graduation, late 2013, I decided to come to Canada, to attend Vancouver Film School’s famous 3D Animation and Visual Effects program, so I could finally speed up my way through those dreams I had back in 2006, putting to good use everything I learned about film before getting here. This whole project is the ultimate product of my progress through VFS’ second half of the year.

Right below is some of what I consider my best work so far (before VFS).

Zona SSP is the pilot for a webseries based on the riots and protests that happened in Brazil during 2013. I wrote, directed, shot, edited and did all the visual effects for this project. It was shot with anamorphic lenses and Canon raw, thanks to Magic Lantern. Be sure to enable english subtitles.

Now on the motion graphics side, a music video I created for Cali’s (a very talented Irish singer) debut song, “Fatally Yours”. I designed everything in the video as well as the animation and style, through very long emails and discussions with Cali’s producer. I had a lot of freedom during this project, which was a very rewarding experience.

This last one is a compilation of a lot of motion graphics work done between 2010 and 2012 for various projects.

30 de Julho/2010

Uma das partes mais complicadas de manter um blog decente é que você tem que escrever dezenas de textos, a intervalos mais ou menos regulares. Não dá pra pegar uma semana do mês, entupir dez textos, e deixar as outras três abandonadas! Não que “escrever regularmente” seja um problema… Acho que depois de dois anos caminhando/digitando, peguei um bocadinho de manha.

Ainda é espaço pra falar de qualquer coisa, acho que tá menos aventuresco que no começo, mas ainda assim dá pro gasto, né? Devido a uma recente promessa, os palavrões devem ser diminuídos (será?), mas não a expressividade dos textos.

Se eu tenho que dedicar essa bagaça aqui a alguém, que seja aos leitores, frequentes ou não, são vocês que me dão gás pra continuar a contar besteira e fazer coisas por aqui. Comentem, se quiserem, afinal todos gostam de comentários!

31 de Julho/2008

Uma das partes mais complicadas de fazer um blog decente é que você tem que escrever milhares de textos, já de começo. Nesse caso, não é você, e sim EU! Mas, vamos em frente.

Esse blog será meu espaço pra falar o que vier na cabeça. Palavrões estão incluídos nessa conta, então nada de puritanismo. Conto com vocês para enriquecer as idéias e, quem sabe assim, me sentir menos ausente em meio a tudo.

É especialmente dedicado a todos os meus amigos/amigas, meu amor, painho, mainha, e Lila. Ia falar da Xuxa e da Sasha, mas acabaria rebaixando os previamente citados…