Anamorphic Chop Shop – Unboxing the Rectilux

July 18, 2015

The Rectilux has been out for a little while and I’m just getting started talking about it. It’s an amazing lens, and it requires further testing, as I’ll be doing over the next weeks!


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Hi, my name is Tito Ferradans and this is an extra video for Anamorphic on a Budget. Today I’ll be talking briefly about unboxing my Rectilux 3FF-W

I know it’s a little late, the lens has been around for a few weeks, but there’s still plenty of questions about it.

I have bought my fair share of lenses and the Rectilux has had the best packaging so far, especially when considering the volume/protection ratio. All the bits and pieces are carefully wrapped in separate rolls, here’s the main glass and metal body with the focus guard, the Rectigrip, and each set of screws.

As John Barlow contacted us through email, some people could experience problems with the screws so he shipped replacements for everyone. In my case I was missing two M3 screws and the ones that came were a little too short. Instead of waiting for my replacements, I bought a set of 20mm M3 screws at a regular hardwre store, which were about 2mm too long. But they worked and only costed me extra $3.

There were a couple of details I’d like to have on the package, though. Not complex-redesigning stuff, starting with lens caps, front and back. It makes me a little scared going out on the field without protection for the glass while it’s not being used, so I ordered a regular, cheap, 95mm front cap off ebay, and a 67mm screw cap for the back.

Second, I’d LOVE to have a pretty printed version of the owner’s manual. We got in our emails, but I think I’m vintage and like having some sheets of paper around. Also, you don’t always have a computer or phone on set to check the manual, so it would be a nice finishing touch to the product.

This is it for the video. I’ve been very impressed with this lens so far and will soon post more information about it. Subscribe to know when it’s up and check my blog for some extra material.

Tito Ferradans signing out.