Anamorphic on a Budget – Chapter IIIG

December 19, 2014



After almost one year of experimenting, researching, many lenses bought and sold, I realised how much time was wasted just looking for important and trustworthy pieces of information or user tips regarding a lot of lenses. Some are so rare that it’s hard to even find someone that owns one! And I don’t mean that in Portuguese, but in English, roaming across forums, video description or long-time abandoned websites.

Based on this experience I decided to give something back to those who helped me so much and provided me with answers along this path. I proposed the creation and development of a database with individual pages for each lens, including there pictures, strong and weak aspects of lens, as well as plenty of technical data such as weight, glass size, stretch factor, manufacturer, different names for a single lens, custom clamps, attaching methods and so forth.

The idea evolved a lot but it’s hard to find people with enough free time willing to fill in the information for the remaining lenses. I’m slowly trying to make it overall more acessible, but for the time being the database only contains the most “common” lenses and the ones that went through my own hands or very close friends who borrowed them for a couple days so I could gather the required data.

Lenses pages can be accessed and altered by anyone. I’m constantly backing up the data locally, preventing the case of accidental deletion or someone acting with bad intentions.

The criteria to decide which fields should be there for every lens were discussed at a specific thread, created by me and counting with the input of several other anamorphic users at EOSHD forum.


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