#Ask Me Anamorphic!

I have a history of three years replying to technical questions on YouTube, emails, instagram and facebook – and whatever other contact method my audience managed to reach me at. I’m used to answering dozens of questions every week. It’s a challenge to find something anamorphic that I can’t help you with!

I’m not taking any more questions through platforms other than this one. Use the form below to submit your anamorphic question and hit the PayPal button to pay for your answer. It’s a “Pay What You Want” model, but the minimum amount is $10. Your payment affects how quickly you’re getting your answer (the maximum waiting time is two weeks).

Payments under $10 will be refunded within 72h.

Now get cracking on those keys and hit me up with your questions and doubts. I guarantee you’ll be saving time and money by consulting with me compared to randomly buying lenses!