November 10, 2015

Almost an entire month late, I started to write this one right after Thanksgiving (October 12th)! For the majority of October I was relocated to a friend’s apartment. Ariana was kind enough to harbor me on her couch for a little over two weeks. If you’re thinking sleeping on a couch sucks, have a look at the kind of sunrises I got there.

Neat, isn’t it? Well, it was also a great incentive to get up early and do stuff. Like maniacally bike around Stanley Park, or to North Van, or from the airport, or anywhere that seemed stupid enough to grant me a good amount of exercise and getting used to different areas of the city. It was also a great time to read more and more books, including among them “Ready Player One”, which I couldn’t put down until it was over – and was mentioned on a previous post.

During this time, some music videos came out, shot by Matt, two of them using some of my anamorphics, and I’m still impressed with the quality of the footage he was able to get out of a 7D, shooting H.264. Well done, my friend, well done!

Plus, the music video for Hello – which entitles the aforementioned previous post – directed by Matt and Jake also came out. I really like the way this looks and sounds, plus it was great to work with these guys for extra content on their new album. Now that I’ve re-read this sentence, it seemed confusing so: I haven’t worked on the music video below! Hahaha.

But, back to the post title, this was about Thanksgiving. Last year we went to a friend of May’s place and had a decent dinner with them, even though I was already in my unwilling “no-food-down” diet, so I didn’t get to enjoy it so much. I remember it was raining like hell, and we took a bus there, to a part of town we’d never been before. This year, I was at Ariana’s and, well, she wanted to stick to traditions and organize a huge meal and gather friends. It wasn’t like I had a choice to not-be-a-part-of-it, and even if I had, wouldn’t make a difference. Nicko and Nati joined us early in the day and we went shopping for the missing ingredients, then as they started cooking I was constantly out, getting things we forgot about the first time, or looking for stuff in more distant stores. There was a whole “Apple Cider Quest” which ended up unsuccessful since there was no non-alcoholic apple cider to be found anywhere and I ended up getting the ingredients for some variation of it based on apple juice. Sweet! – in all senses.

I tend not to remember rainy days very well, but I’m pretty sure this one will last. The amount of food we made was enough for everyone to take some home and me and Ariana eat for a week, and we still had to get rid of a lot of leftovers because they were going bad. The day was also a kind of test to see how we worked as a team, since we’re all planning on moving together to a bigger (and cheaper) place – a house or large apartment – outside of downtown, but not too far – bikeable distances, please.

I guess when I started to write this post I was going to talk about the collaboration and feeling part of a team, being around friends and all that, but it’s pretty obvious by now and I desperately need other subjects to write about here! I guess I’ve dried this well, at last.

Weird limp post… I should’ve finished it back then!