We’re back On a Budget!

September 3, 2017

Tito Ferradans back here with Anamorphic on a Budget! You didn’t think I was gonna go away so easily, did you? In the past few months I spent all my time directing a short-film. Up & Away, the one I was asking for help in the last video. Speaking of that video, I got feedback about my looks and how they are more important than my work. From there I got a snazzy haircut and I’ll be wearing this super fancy suit to present all future episodes.

Up & Away Production

Anyway, thankfully some of you helped us out on Indiegogo. That was enough for us to get things done. It was an epic experience to direct a sci-fi short. The crew was better than anything I could dream of. We’re now off to festivals and that’s why y’all have to wait before it shows up here on the channel.

We shot Up & Away on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. That’s 2.5K RAW, using a pair of Iscoramas and a set of Contax Zeiss as taking lenses. The Sigma 18-35 with the Cinemorph filter was our savior for the widest shots. Everything worked out seamlessly.

Back at Anamorpic on a Budget

Now to the good stuff. I’m back with the weekly episodes. Among the next ones you can expect a review of the Iscomorphot Inflight 16/1.75x, a review for the Kowa 16H and comparison with the other top tier Kowas (8Z and B&H), plus a review of the Kowa 16D and the much anticipated Rectilux HardCoreDNA. Pretty much all of these episodes were made in collaboration with people that watch this channel. They were kind enough to lend me their lenses for a decent amount of time. If you’re feeling generous, get in touch and I would love to experiment with your lenses too! I’m also coming up with anamorfake guides for other Russian lenses and maybe even some non-Russian-but-dirt-cheap glass!

It feels good to be back! Let me know, by posting in the comments, if there’s anything specific you want me to cover. You can still help by sharing the videos and subscribing to the channel!