The best and most extensive guide on how to get started shooting with anamorphic lenses. The revised edition features updated key concepts, higher resolution images and an expanded section on post-production, plus the minor bug fixes of grammar and vocabulary!


Create the anamorphic look minus the nuisances and expenses of anamorphic adapters. This guide is focused on shooting spherical, keeping it cheap and delivering a look that not even pros can tell you are faking. You’ll learn plenty of techniques using gear and tools you are likely to own or that cost next to nothing!


tools and calculators

Save time with customizable calculators to work out anamorphic adapters’ combinations with various taking lenses, vignette limits, horizontal field of view, diopter power and focus range, as well as post-production settings for aspect ratio and timeline sizes


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get custom parts

In my shop you’ll find oval inserts, guides, focus gears and whatever else I’m making at the moment. These items are only available for a limited time.

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tutorials & reviews

I’ve been making videos about shooting anamorphic since 2015. There are tons of lens reviews and tweaking instructions, experiments with strange equipment, and lens mod tutorials. Go through all of these videos and you’ll be more than equipped to tackle the journey of filming anamorphic.

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How I Almost Missed NAB Show 2019

I started writing this shortly after we came back from NAB last year. The gears got stuck and I just managed to push them back in motion now as we approach NAB 2020. At some point in late February I realized I had a shot at going to NAB. It was something I wanted for at least a few years – plus Las Vegas isn’t that far from Vancouver.


Here's a straightforward flowchart guiding your choices in the process of buying your next anamorphic lens or adapter. This takes into account way more variables than you ever thought possible. For example, do you hate communism? There's a lens for "yes" and another one for "no"!

Ask Me Anamorphic #ASK ME ANAMORPHIC

I have a history of three years replying to technical questions on YouTube, emails, instagram and facebook – and whatever other contact method my audience managed to reach me at. I’m used to answering dozens of questions every week. It’s a challenge to find something anamorphic that I can’t help you with!