Taking Lens (focal length)
 mm Pancake Lens?
Camera/Sensor Size (crop factor) If your camera isn't listed above, select "Custom" and input the crop factor manually
Focal Reducer RJ Focal Reducer and Vizelex’s Light Cannon are filed under “Others”. If your Focal Reducer isn't listed above, select "Custom" and input the magnification ratio manually
Anamorphic Adapter
Baby Scope?
Single Focus Solution
Sensor Aspect Ratio Use a :1 ratio for "Custom". If unsure, use "I WANT A TAKING LENS" to fix this value based on your Resulting Aspect Ratio
Resulting hFOV In equivalent focal length
Resulting Aspect Ratio
Will it Vignette?

Max Effective Aperture Input the rear element diameter of the scope. If the resulting number is slower than your Taking Lens' current aperture, there's loss in light transmission due to the rear element diameter
Iscorama 36 - 36mm | Iscorama 42 - 42mm
Iscorama 54 - 54mm | Kowa B&H - 43mm
Century - 50mm | LA7200 - 67mm
Sankor 16D - 43mm | Baby H. - 21mm
Kowa 16H - 49mm | Isco 2000 - 36mm
Baby Moller - 20mm | Moller 16/32 - 35mm
SLR Magic - 50mm | Cinelux - 50mm
Baby Isco - 24mm | Ultra Star - 42mm
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Diopter Calculator
Quickly find out diopter strength, minimum and maximum focus for any lens.
Max Focus Distance
m m
Min Focus Distance
m m
Diopter Strength
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