A Post Every Day.

August 15, 2015

Starting today I’m gonna try a lot of different things to exercise my creativity. The key elements here are this blog, where I’ll write at least one post every day, about random things, and my camera. Yesterday – one of the weirdest days ever since I came back to Vancouver – I went to Coquitlam in order to get some gear that allows me to carry my camera around in a practical and safe way, always at hand’s reach for photos. I’ve tested it this morning, biking along the seawall and it worked pretty well. The camera hangs from my waist, like a holster, without straps and, most importantly, not bouncing around like crazy when I move.

It feels weird posting mundane events in english, but that’s also something I wanna improve at. Feeling more comfortable communicating in any way, no matter the language. Now I’ll get back to my renders, while I think about something relevant to post.