Anamorphic Lens-yclopedia – Change In Rules.

June 26, 2015

Today I woke up to find someone had moved ALL the files for the anamorphic lenses away from the original folder they were supposed to be in. I had to manually get them back, one by one, in a slow and boring process that shouldn’t be necessary at all. I don’t mind users altering the files as long as they can be easily found. This last change (by uk s user) did the exact opposite of that, turning the files accessible only to those who had direct links to each one of them. It might’ve been an accident, or not his intention, but there were consequences and this is the best I could do about it.

The reason I had all the files open to editing by any user who wanted to do so was to encourage a sense of society, that everyone could put in their information regarding the lenses and add lenses to the collection. Unfortunately, due to this last episode (which isn’t the first one, by the way), I felt a need to change the permissions for all the files so only selected users can edit them. If you already requested permission to edit in the past, you’re fine, that hasn’t changed. New users will have to request permission though, so I can keep track of who’s changing what. This time I couldn’t even find the email of the person who moved the files, nor to WHERE they were moved. Fortunately I was still the owner and could bring them back.

As everything I did so far regarding anamorphics, the Lens-yclopedia is a free resource with a key goal of simplifying the access to information about individual lenses. As a shot at an encyclopedia, it has clear standards of what kind of information it stores, but that’s a pretty wide scope (pun intended), with fields that can be filled with personal experiences.

Anyway, the Anamorphic Lens-yclopedia is back, and if you feel like adding information to it, do not hesitate and request editing permission through Google Drive.