Anamorphic on a Budget – Plans for the Future

August 31, 2015


UPDATE – OCTOBER 2016: It took me roughly a year, but I delivered everything I promised in this post and a lot more unexpected content. I guess I should be in politics, right?

I know, Sunday’s passed and I haven’t uploaded a video. I ran into some trouble and couldn’t finish it on time. I’m working to get it up early in the week and wanted to let you in about what I have planned for the upcoming experiments. I mentioned a few times that I’m running out of lenses and that is very true. This week I’m posting the review for the Isco 16:9 Video Attachment Mk I and that leaves me with the Foton-A left and a small focus through Iscomorphot.

I’m trying to get my hands on an SLR Magic Anamorphot (1.33x stretch for now), so I can compare it to all the other 1.33x attachments. Once I have it I’m also doing a shootout mixing ALL the 1.33x lenses to see if the difference between them is that easy to notice. I’m very likely teaming with with Matt Leaf for that so we don’t end up with a pointless test, but something that also has some content other than the test itself. If you have an SLR Magic Anamorphot around that you could send over for a week or two, please drop me a line!

Besides that, which depends on me getting the lens, I have a Helios 44 on the way, for a special Chop Shop on how to open it up and get an oval aperture inside. After that is done, I’m giving the lens away to one lucky random person. I wanted to do the same for the Pentacon 29mm (since I did it two years ago and I know it’s possible), but there are no cheap offers on eBay. Once that is out, I’m talking about the cool DogSchidtOptiks, their mods, the TRUMP and their optical attachments for longer and shorter focal lengths along with what’s the difference between using such thing instead of simply picking a 35 or 85mm. I don’t think it all will fit in a single video so I might have a few episodes on these.

Mythbusters strike again and I’ll test the theory of inverting the rear element of the smaller Century Optics anamorphic to see if it makes the lens any better. I also need to find a decent 3d-printing place nearby for that Panasonic front filter I think I mentioned earlier. If it works, I’m releasing the model/file free here so anyone who owns a Panny can print their own with no fees other than the printing itself.

Then I’ll also have an episode explaining diopters. It’s one of the most common misconceptions out there, how they work, why do they improve image quality and such. Once that one is out I can make another for variable-strength diopters, clarifying how the Rectilux, FM Lens, Rangefinder and Iscoramas work their black magic (black magic, see what I did there?).

As you can see, there’s still a lot of anamorphic subjects even though not having lenses around to test! I’m sorry for not being able to clearly define the order these videos will be released, but my shooting schedule is way too random. At some point I might have a great opportunity with a particular lens and I’ll have to postpone whatever I had planned to shoot that week. I know you all shoot your own stuff and can understand how that works, right?

Subscribe to check the episodes that are up already and so you’re notified as these other ones I mentioned are here too! I’m Tito Ferradans and I’ll see you soon!