Anamorphic Sharpness Tune Up – Kowa B&H Example

November 27, 2016

This is a simple anamorphic sharpness tune up that will take your adapter from “ok” to “great” resolving power. With this tweak your lenses can deliver much better image quality!


WARNING: It was recently brought to my attention that superglue (cyanoacrylate) CAN damage your glass and camera sensor. I haven’t figured out a surefire way to make it work without the superglue, but I also didn’t have any problem using a tiny drop. For safety reasons, try the method of just loosening and tightening the screw to find the ideal position. If you MUST use superglue (like I did in one of my lenses), make sure your glass is completely clean and keep the lens in a well ventilated area until fully dry. Also be aware that using superglue will make your scope unserviceable. Other pros can’t open it and make it better, so I advise against using glue!

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