“If bad things happen on good TV

October 25, 2015

They could make a movie out of you an me”.

This has been definitely a crazy week, full of unexpected surprises and events that will bounce back in the future. Actually, not just this week, but October in its entirety. I’ve been trying to sit down and write something for several days and everything sort of vanishes when I sit down and start typing. Since the subject of this post isn’t clearly defined yet, I’ll proceed with the more “real world” events and try to dive into their metaphysical meaning later on.

Starting with “I’ve-lived-for-two-weeks-in-a-living-room-of-someone-I-barely-knew” and that quickly escalated into “you-know-what?-the-four-of-us-should-find-a-place-to-live-together”. So we (Bruno, Nati, Ariana and I) are looking for three-bedroom apartments and houses that aren’t so far from work/college and that won’t break our finances, which usually leads to scouting craigslist and biking around nearby neighborhoods hunting for rent signs.

Speaking of biking, I’ve mentioned the new bike before, but I’m really pushing it to new levels. Wednesday I biked back from the airport, after leaving May for her trip home. Monday I was finishing the most addictive book I’ve read in months (Ready Player One), when I found out one of the fictional characters’ (Art3mis) home was here in Vancouver. The book had the full address so I just threw that in Google Maps and headed out to North (West?) Vancouver. It was one hell of a hillish ride and I wasn’t all that sure if I was gonna be able to make it back on my own legs. It didn’t rain, but I was soaking wet by the time I got home.

I also spent some time shooting a bunch of reviews and anamorphic videos for my Youtube channel using Rob’s gear (FlareFactory, TRUMP, Iscorama and other pretty toys). I really gotta put some effort into spreading the word about this content. I know I’m a little lazy regarding that, kind of waiting to be picked up by a major website… I’ll work on that later.

Last Sunday Matt sent me a message asking if I would be interested in shooting some stuff with him this Friday. What kind of person would I be to say no? Specially craving a set like I was… So this Friday I met him and his friend Corey around 11am at the studio and we spent the next twelve hours shooting a LOT of stuff with Hedley. I’m officially adicted to their latest single, Hello, which is also where the quote for this post’s title comes from. It’s nearly impossible to describe how it feels to be on a set where everyone is great.

Now seems one of those times when a bunch of things start happening at the same time and being organized is key to get as many of these as I can. After Effects is up and motion graphics is coming back to the limelight. Time to master all those expressions and try to learn some Python and Russian on the side. I’m saying this here to kind of encourage myself towards it.

Besides all that, I spent some time putting together all the documents I need for Langara and my new study permit. I think I got everything I need, now is just a matter of time until everything is sorted out. Classes start in January, so I have a very clear mark in my timeline of when my free time is gonna become sparser and sparser.

For today I woke up super early and super bored, so I went biking as usual. The big difference this time is since we’re getting into Fall Land, the sun rises around 7h30, so it was dark when I left home and I got to watch the sunrise along the seawall. Pretty neat view, I’ll tell ya. Sadly I didn’t have my camera on me this time. Maybe tomorrow?

  • TFerradans. · Thanksgiving. November 10, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    […] Neat, isn’t it? Well, it was also a great incentive to get up early and do stuff. Like maniacally bike around Stanley Park, or to North Van, or from the airport, or anywhere that seemed stupid enough to grant me a good amount of exercise and getting used to different areas of the city. It was also a great time to read more and more books, including among them “Ready Player One”, which I couldn’t put down until it was over – and was mentioned on a previous post. […]