Langara College and Freelancing.

February 1, 2016

Crap, it’s been a while.

I forgot to mention I started a new school. I’m now a student at Langara College, as a part of the Creative Writing program. This is reason enough for some possibly weird posts showing up here more frequently. Not everything I write is about true events. All the anamorphic posts are still safe, though, but I plan to start posting some fiction along with these day-to-day posts and not make an obvious statement to which ones are real and which ones aren’t. You’ve been warned.

Lately I haven’t had time to anything but work and school. The upside of an English-focused course is that my writing is bound to get better. The downside is the amount of pages per week I need to go through. Add freelance work for a short film and you got an explosive mix. Spring Break is coming next week and I can’t wait for it. I feel like sleeping for three days straight. The whole lens renting thing has been improving, but we still need more visibility. That’s another plan for Spring Break.

I’ve fallen behind on my weekly lens reviews but I’m working on upgrades to sound quality and changing a few things here and there. I haven’t abandoned my anamorphic readers though, posting some in-depth articles on variable-strength diopters – there’s one on regular diopters that’s coming out soon enough. The Anamorphic Cookbook is shaping up, but there’s plenty to write and test. To partially fund the project I’ll be selling gear soon – anamorphics mainly. I’ve reached that point that you look at your gear and think “well, this is a bit too much and there’s plenty of stuff here that I’ll never use”. Iscos will go, Century, some Canon glass, probably the 5D3 too (switching to the Sony A7s2 soon, which will get me a larger scope of available glass).

Working on the side of everything else, I’ve upgraded my notebook – extra hard drives for speed and storage – and replaced the battery which was dead for over six months. If you ever had a dead-battery notebook, you know how annoying that is. The hard drive replacement operation was incredibly convoluted and even though I read a lot on how to mirror them and tested different software, at least twice I thought I had lost my OS and would have to reinstall everything – which was the exact opposite goal of these upgrades. In the end it worked out, but not without some command line incursions to fix tables and partitions while trying to keep Windows intact.

Anyway, I can’t stay for too long, gotta get back to my assignments. Talk to you guys soon.

ps – Have I ever said how I dislike these pictureless posts? I’m working on that too.