Anamorphic Day-to-Day

Season 12: Anamorphic Cookbook.

March 9, 2016

I’ve been working really hard on lensporn lately. This work resulted on these cool looking new banners to represent the twelfth season of this blog and an opening for my upcoming videos, starting in a few weeks from now (I’m still fine tuning everything in place, grading shots and trimming the music so the end piece is not quite done yet).

In the meanwhile, here’s the perfect chance for you to grab one of my new t-shirts showing people how crazy you are about anamorphics! It costs around US$30 and you can get it here to proceed with payment! Help me fund this book and all these posts!

Lastly, I’m also selling some of my lenses and gear, so I opened up a yard sale page which will be constantly updated with gear that must go!