Anamorphic on a Budget

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LOMO Foton-A 37-140mm T/4.4, more about this one on Chapter IIID

My graduation work at University of São Paulo revolved around shooting with anamorphic lenses, Magic Lantern RAW and Canon cameras, keeping the budget as low as possible and experimenting as high as I could.

The resulting document was written in Portuguese and just now I was able to translate it, so more people have access to my conclusions and don’t have to take so much time going through the process. In Portuguese, this thing is around a hundred pages long, so it’s thorough. I hope it brings some light onto common questions as well as works as a good follow-up read after the original EOSHD Anamorphic’s Shooter Guide. Keep in mind this was originally finished by December 2013 and most 4k consumer cameras weren’t out yet, as well as Black Magic was just starting to ship their first units.

A lot has changed in terms of cameras, I used (and still use) a Canon 5D3 for my research and the camera is the least important part of this thing.

DISCLAIMER! If you see something really weird or stupid with my English, please leave a comment. I’m Brazilian, so english is not my native language, and I want this to be easily understandable for everyone.

To encourage anyone willing to go through all this amount of text in the search for answers, here’s the end result of the process, a two-part episode for a webseries, almost totally developed by myself (I wrote, directed, shot, edited and did all the post-production work). Both parts are absolutely 100% anamorphic and will be carefully analyzed over the following chapters. Oh, be sure to enable English subtitles!

Chapter I – Who am I and what is this about?

Chapter II – Introduction

Chapter III – Lens Research
Chapter IIIA – Focus Through (1.33x)
Chapter IIIB – Iscoramas (1.5x)
Chapter IIIC – Double Focus (2x)
Chapter IIID – Cine Lenses (2x)
Chapter IIIE – Damage and Servicing
Chapter IIIF – Diopters and Close Ups
Chapter IIIG – Lens-yclopedia
Chapter IIIH – Faking the Look

Chapter IV – MagicLantern RAW
Chapter IVA – Custom Cropmarks

Chapter V – Zona SSP
Chapter VA – LOMO: Episode 01
Chapter VB – Iscoramas: Episode 02

Chapter VI – The Process
Chapter VIA – Concept Development
Chapter VIB – On Set Preview
Chapter VIC – Workflow

Chapter VII – Conclusion
Chapter VIII – Bibliography

Epilogue – What Lies Ahead

Original articles, in portuguese, below.

I – Historinha.
II – Fim da Historinha, Dióptros, Flares e Coating.
III – Bokeh, Focus Through e Pós-Produção.
IV – O Arsenal
V – Lista de Compras e Alfândega.
VI – CineMorph e Outros Filtros.
VII – Play Time!
VIII – Adaptações.
IX – Hawk B-Series SP.
X – MagicLantern.
XI – Fotos Decentes.
XII – Isco Widescreen 2000.
XIII – Modificando Lentes!
XIV – Fix’em Up!
XV – Century na Marra.
XVI – Rehousing LA7200.
XVII – Bordwell, on Cinemascope.
XVIII – Lens-yclopedia.
XIX – Mais Lentes.
XX – Combinações Ideais.
XXI – Flare Factory58.
XXII – Advanced Close Ups.
XXIII – Filtro Streak/Flare.
XXIV – Rear Anamorphics.
XXV – Letus35 e SLR Magic.

Guia Completo: Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso.