Tito’s Yard Sale.

Reviewing anamorphic gear many times requires me to buy lenses to test them out. I already have a fairly large number of lenses so it’s not economically viable for me to keep hold of them all – plus, you’re helping me a great deal when you choose to buy gear here since most of this money is going into research for the Anamorphic Cookbook. This doesn’t mean the Yard Sale is restricted to anamorphic gear!

The goal with this section is to bypass eBay and its taxes, keeping the prices lower. All payments will be through PayPal, prices listed here don’t include shipping costs, which will be provided once you contact me through email (ferradans@gmail.com) with your address. I’ll constantly update the items listed here as they come and go. All products listed are still available.

For more photos of the item, just click on its image and you’ll be redirected to a flickr gallery of the exact item you’re purchasing.


First batch, get yours now! Original Cinemascope t-shirt to let others know you’re not letting spherical glass take over your heart. It’s black with white print, I’ll replace the picture above with the real shirt soon! Click on the price to make your purchase and remember to include the size of your shirt in the PayPal message and double check your shipping address!


US$25 (including shipping)